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Smart Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

Taiyou breaks traditional barriers and long-held beliefs of building automation with our innovative thinking and implementation excellence. By designing and implementing systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and by providing the best experiences for tenants, we add new meaning to the terms ‘innovate’, ‘integrate’ and ‘empower’ that are synonymous with building intelligence solutions.

We do this with a combination of hardware and software and we seamlessly integrate systems to achieve perfect harmony. Once such a system is live, it delivers greater savings and benefits and adds value to the vision of building a greener world. Our dashboards and software with intuitive user interfaces help you monitor changes and events in real time, thereby furthering control and minimizing any deviations.

Solutions delivered include
  • Building Automation System (BMS) solution and products
  • HVAC control products
  • Energy Management System and products
  • Fire Suppression & Alarm System and products
  • Video Surveillance System and products
  • Access Control System and products
  • Public Address System and products
  • Integration opportunities with third party systems
  • Rodent repulsion and Water leakage management systems
  • Enterprise Building Energy Management System